Weekend Updates – Skyrim Crafter, SWTOR Companion Helper

This weekend resulted in two updates, one major update for the Skyrim Crafter and one minor update for the SWTOR Companion Helper.

Don’t forget to update!;)



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    • HeatFan on 2012/01/23 at 07:10
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    I tried to purchase the Skyrim app but I got an error. It said that it could not be installed on USB or SD card. I tried to install it twice and got the same error. I am using an unrooted Tmobile Galaxy S II

    1. Hi, this is a Market problem where incorrect data is sent/saved to/on the device, I have a section for it on the FAQ on this site. http://gnejs.org/?page_id=37
      “If you get an error similar to “could not be loaded on USB or SD card” then it is probably due to incorrect/corrupted temporary files from the Market.
      A possible solution for this to first unmount your SD Card and then attempt to download the App from the market again while the SD Card is still unmounted, after it succeeds remount the SD Card.”
      Two or three other people have had the same problem with different Apps and this has fixed that every time so try it out.
      I hope it works out, cheers!

    • HeatFan on 2012/01/23 at 07:56
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    That worked perfectly thanks

  1. Hey I’ve been using Skyrim Crafter for a few days and I’m pretty happy with it but I have a couple questions before I buy the pro version:

    1. Assume that there are no ads in the pro version, please confirm.
    2. If I get the pro version does it still auto-start the app when I boot the phone? (I’m guessing it does this to facilitate the ads)

    I have no problem with the ads as you have them in the free version (if you did not have such good disclosure it would be a different story) but apps that auto-start is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine.

    1. Your assumption is correct; no ads in the pro version.
      The Pro version does not use any permissions at all so, no internet, no autostart, nothing. 🙂
      Also the autostart part for the Free version does not start the whole app, it only starts a very small part used by the Ad network, as you were guessing 🙂


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