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Several Apps Updated

There has been several updated Apps during the weekend. Most Apps have gotten their Ads replaced to avoid false positives. Some new features have been added and some minor bug have been fixed as well. Master Soundboard: Replaced Ads, new packs, some updates to the UI and bugfixes. Borderlands 2 Skill Tree: Replaced Ads, Increased …

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Lots of updates during the last couple of days

During the last couple of days most Apps have been updated. The free Apps have been updated to be compliant with the new Google Content Policy: Read Here Which means that the Apps now have a in App setting for disabling notification Ads amongst other changes. The paid Apps that have user data such as …

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Long time since last update

The sun is shining and the page has been neglected a bit. Anyways, since last the SWTOR Legacy Helper has been released. A few (3) soundboards are also back, but under a different account that is being maintained by a friend of mine, however the future for any soundboards is still unclear at this time. …

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Update for SWTOR Datacron Helper

Hey everyone, today the SWTOR Datacron Helper got updated with some new features: First Galactic History entries were added for all datacrons so that it is possible to match between datacrons and the Galactic History entries. Youtube video walkthroughs were added to all datacrons which should help users out if they are having problem finding …

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Several Updates and Fixes last couple of days!

Hiya, the last days has meant updates for three Apps. SWTOR Companion Helper got some a new feature; Affection Calculator along with some minor fixes. SWTOR Datacron Helper had some data corrected. Skyrim Soundboard Pro had some content added. We hope the users of these app enjoy the new updates. Have a great weekend people, …

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