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Overwatch Companion Now on iOS

Hi, the Overwatch Companion is now available on iOS.

First Game: Space Drift!

Gnejs Development’s first game is now live on all our supported platforms, Google Play, Amazon and iTunes! Space Drift a free to play game, for more information see the game page: http://gnejs.org/?page_id=649

Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Updated, Android and iOS

Hey, both Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Apps have been updated. The Android version got some UI updates as well as the function to Delete builds. The iOS version is one version behind since it takes so long to get reviewed approved, but for the iOS version the news are: Sandbox Mode. Some UI Updates. Improved …

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iOS Borderlands 2 Skill Tree App Free for now, join the testing!

The iOS Borderlands 2 Skill Tree App is now free for a couple of days to facilitate some public testing. If you are a iOS user and Borderlands 2 gamer please consider downloading and trying it out! If you experience any problems send us an e-mail. Some more info on the official gearbox forums: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?p=3642061#post3642061 …

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Borderlands 2 Skill Tree for iOS out now!

Good news for all Borderlands 2 fans out there with iOS devices. Our Borderlands 2 Skill Tree was just accepted by Apple. You can get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skill-tree-for-borderlands-2/id591899355?ls=1&mt=8