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HotS App Update – Dehaka

Hey, Dehaka has been added to the App based on PTR information since I am leaving for two weeks and won’t be able to update if they release it during that time. A few UI updates were added as well as the possibility to postpone the showing of an Ad for 10 seconds in case …

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HotS Update – Artanis and Morales

Hey, the App just got updated with the latest patch data and both Lt Morales and Artanis have been added. Make sure to check it out!

HotS Companion Update

Hey guys, I hope you are spending the weekend doing some gaming 😉 Today the HotS App was updated with some new features that should make it even easier to determine which talents to use and getting the most valuable information from the descriptions. The Hero Ratings for the four main areas were added as …

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HotS Companion

The Heroes of the Storm Companion App has gotten a lot of awesome updates lately, if you have not gotten it yet or have just forgot to update, make sure you do! 🙂 Google Play Link: https://goo.gl/2Px1LG

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Updated

The Borderlands Pre-Sequel App has been updated with the latest skill tree for Aurelia. Amazaon and Google Play versions are live and iOS is pending approval from Apple. Get to planning today! 🙂