SWTOR Datacron Helper

Having problem with finding Datacrons? This App will help and will keep track of which ones you have taken across all your characters!

App page@Gnejs.org
Android Link – Pro
Android Link – Free


    • jok on 2012/02/20 at 00:18
    • Reply

    Whats up with this battery-upgrade scam shit?

    1. Hey, there are some entries in the FAQ about Ads. I do not choose what Ads are shown, everything is controlled by the company that delivers Ads.
      You can however disabled these Ads permanently, this is also explained in the FAQ which is accessible via the Help menu in the App and in the App Description that is displayed on the Android Market.

      If the Ads are malicious it is possible to report them to the Ad Company for investigation and removal, I as a developer however can not affect what Ads are shown or not, sorry.

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