SWTOR Datacron Helper

This application guides the user with information about the Datacrons that exists in the game. The app also allows the user to track the Datacron collecting progress. This App will help your character to be granted you all those permanent bonuses in the latest BioWare game; Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gnejs-Development-SWTOR-Datacron-Helper/dp/B00GGSX6CY/


  1. Christopher says:

    i had DLed the Datacron Helperon the android market(for google) and payed for the better version so i could track all my different toons and it was somehow uninstalled and now i am unable to find it again on the market, i really like that app, it was easy to use, and i don’t want to have to get another one.

    1. gnejs says:

      It seems Google are somehow remotely uninstalling the Apps and not allowing re-installations, since that Developer Account is suspended for the time being there is nothing we can do with regards to the Marketplace.
      If you have bought the App and Google has removed it against your will you can e-mail us and we will verify that you have purchased the App and send you a copy via e-mail.
      You could also write a complaint to Google since it seems very odd that they can do this do “your” applications, considering the App did not violate any of the Google policies.

      Direct any questions to our e-mail and we will try to do everything that is within our power to help you out.

  2. Morten says:


    Thanks for a fantastic app. It is really easy to use and provides excellent overview.
    Only problem right now is that the new planet Makeb is missing. Do you plan to add it?

    Best regards

    1. gnejs says:

      Hey Morten, I actually gathered most of the data during this week but have been very busy during the weekdays with work, I will try to add them during this weekend!
      Have a great weekend, cheers!

  3. Charles says:

    Is there any possibility of this coming to iOS?

    1. gnejs says:

      It is not very likely since it was not made with iOS in mind and the game is getting a bit old so it is not nearly as popular as before. Sorry.

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