SWTOR Companion Helper

This application provides the user with all the information you could ever want about your companions and their skills, weapon, stats, roles and gifts for the latest BioWare game; Star Wars: The Old Republic.

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gnejs-Development-SWTOR-Companion-Helper/dp/B00GGU0EQ8/


  1. Hamish says:

    HI the app no longer seems to be avail on android market

    1. gnejs says:

      None of the applications are available since Google banned the account due to the presence of a soundboard within the account. I am trying to get the account back without the soundboards but the Google support still has not even said a word after over 1 week.
      Their support is completely worthless so we will see what happens…

  2. Harri says:

    I bought this product 8/3-2012 and it has worked great for me. Now I changed mobile and bought myself a HTC one X and tried to install it from play.google.com and now it is listed as unbought or whatever it is called when you havn’t bought something.

    Have you tricked us supporters by changing developername or something that made us have to purchase it again or has something just went wrong from googles side ???

    I got the same problem with Datacron helper.

    1. gnejs says:

      Hi, I am sorry to say that Google deleted our Account about two weeks ago, so all the Apps are gone, I do not know why Google doesn’t allow redownloads of previously bought Apps however. But since they control the Market there is nothing we can do about that, sorry.
      We finally got a new account working 2 days ago, but we are starting from scratch again, from having the 3rd position of the results for “SWTOR”. Since all the trouble caused Google with the previous Account the price for all apps are now set to $0.99. Since we cannot access the information about who bought it before there is no way for us to grant the people their Apps again :( . If you don’t want to pay the $0.99 we can send you the Apps by mail, but they will then require your phone to allow non-market Apps, and it will not be possible to get automatic upgrades.

      So we are still very sorry, even though it was Google that caused the problems.
      Have a great easter, and if you have any more question, send us an e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible!

      1. Harri says:

        I have adressed the issue to the geeks at play.google.com and I hope they will help out in some way. I might have some files left in one of my many backups that could “register” the apps again on the phone, but I dont know if that would help on the market.

        1. gnejs says:

          They will most likely not help you with this matter. Your backup will be usable but it will not work with the Market itself since the App is no longer present on the Market(Every App has its own unique ID, so the old and the new cannot be mixed so to say).

          1. Harri says:

            ok, installed from one backup. But I cant find the data for them. I could reenter it all. but would be simple if I just knew where it was storaged.

          2. gnejs says:

            The way Android is made is that all data is stored together with the App so that it will removed along with the App, for easier handling and less unnecessary data after uninstalls. So unless you made a backup with App+Data (with for example Titanium Backup) your data will have been lost.

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