Payday 2 Companion now on iOS!

Hey guys, the Payday 2 Companion App just got approved for iOS and is now available on iTunes!

Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend full of heists!;)


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    • jason on 2013/09/22 at 16:16
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    Are we going to see this on Android? I love this game and would love to have it on my phone.

    1. The Companion App is already out for Android and has been for some weeks.

    • walid on 2013/10/05 at 13:07
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    1. Hey!

    • Diallo on 2014/04/14 at 12:07
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    What about an update? Missing DLC Content of payday2.

    1. An update is planned but has been delayed due to account issues with Google. Hopefully everything will be solved soon.
      Thanks for your comment, have a good day!

    • Justin on 2015/01/14 at 19:44
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    Have you ever considerd making the app free with a bunch of advertisements in it. That way this app will get the recognition it deserves.

    1. Yup but the way the App is made and how Ads need to be implemented on iOS that was not an option.
      Big update coming for the App in a few days btw.

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