Nikolai Soundboard hitting the market today

By request, here is a Nikolai Soundboard for all the Call of Duty Zombies fans out there, enjoy!
Also updated the Call of Duty Zombies Soundboard Pro with better quality sounds from Nikolai.

Android Link


    • M M on 2012/02/14 at 23:34
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    Hi,,i recently purchase the nikolai soundboard an its missing 2 of my favorite character drunken words,,(i will cokk you gently) also(this will hurt like siphilis) PLEASE can you add those in the nikolai soundboard,,Thanks

    1. Hi, thanks for the support, do you remember which of the maps this is from?

        • M M on 2012/02/15 at 19:56
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        Hi,one is from kino when he gets the weapon m14 or sniper,,an the other one is from der reese i believe when he gets the thompson ,,Thanks You

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