Companion for Fortnite

The Companion for Fortnite is an excellent Reference and Tools App for Fortnite players.

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★Daily Llama and Mission Alerts: Get up to date information about current Mission Alerts and Daily Llamas on your device. (Requires an active internet connection)
★Research Reminder: Get a notification when it’s time to collect your Research Points! (Requires Notification Permission)
★Hero Database: Keep track of the Heroes that you own or have booked making it easier for you to choose Hero Rewards
★XP Upgrade and Retire/Reclaim Calculator, see how much XP is needed to reach a target level or how much you will gain by Reclaiming/Retiring the current level one
★Ability and Perks List is linked to applicable Heroes so you can quickly find Heroes matching your desired traits

★Information on all the Hero Classes and Subclasses, along with all Abilities, Perks and Support/Tactical Bonuses
★Overview of Support and Tactical Bonuses as well as instantly view the corresponding Heroes
★List of Resources and their uses in crafting
★Data about important features such as Headshot Multiplier Damage and Collection Book Rewards
★The latest tips from your fellow players in the community
★Tips and Information available in French
★Information about Survivors and the Survivor Squad system and how to optimize your Squad setup
★A basic Monster information bank


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