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Lots of updates

Most of the soundboards have been update to the latest version; 3.2.1. The older Free versions is now using the same base as the others which means all features available, no AdMob banners etc. Enjoy!

CoD Black Ops Zombie Soundboard first to be updated with the new Soundboard Core version!

The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Soundboard has been updated with the latest soundboard functionality and tweaks. Changes: Introducing a splash that shows while the application is loading in the background, before this could cause Android to think the application had frozen on slower phones. Interface tweaks for categories. Playlist feature has been optimized. …

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CoD Black Ops Zombie Soundboard updated!

The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Soundboard has been updated with quotes from Takeo, also sorted some of the other sounds from the root level. Update and enjoy!

Llamas with hats is now available on market!

Now Charlie the Unicorn is joined with another Jason Steele series soundboard, Llamas with hats! Caaaaaarl (and Paul) is waiting for you! Application page on this site. Direct Android market link Charlie the Unicorn was also updated at the same time with a minor fault tolerance update for users who seem to have corrupted entries …

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Ops, quick fix for The Boondock Saints!

Minor error with the application has been fixed!