Category: Application Update

Companion for Fortnite Update: New UI

Hey guys, make sure to update the Companion for Fortnite to the latest version, it got a massive interface update that is sure to make it even better to use! Have a great day, cheers!

Fortnite App – Leaderboards

Heya, the update for the Fortnite App is now live on both Android and iOS and includes more PvE profile information as well as Leaderboards for Battle Royale. Make sure to check it out! Merry Christmas btw! 🙂

Fortnite App – Major Update

Hiya, the Companion fort Fortnite App just got a major update (iOS version still pending approval from Apple). Make sure to check it out!

Conan Exiles App Updated

Hey, the Companion for Conan Exiles App has now been updated to reflect many of the changes in the latest expansion. The update is available on both Android and iOS App on iTunes App on Google Play Cheers!

Payday 2 App Update

The Payday 2 App that was developed several years ago has now been recreated from scratch and updated to include up to date information with all the Heists and Weapons in the Ultimate Edition. The new version is available on iTunes and Amazon at this time. Cheers