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Fortnite App now out on iOS and Android

Hey, the Fortnite App, Companion for Fortnite just got approved on iTunes so it is now available for both iOS and Android. If you play Fortnite make sure to check out this App. iOS: Click Here Android: Click Here Cheers!

Conan Exiles App – Out Now

Hi, there’s an App for any and all Conan Exiles Players out there. It’s getting updates but already has a bunch of information and other useful features such as Maps and Tips! If you play Conan Exiles or plan to, make sure to check out the App App on iTunes App on Google Play

HotS App still currently suspended by Google

Hi, in case you are wondering what’s up with the HotS App, it is still being suspended by Google and they are demanding signed documents of permission from Blizzard before they will allow it on the market again. I am currently awaiting help from Blizzard in their forums, if you want to catch up on …

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Puzzle Game Release: Labyrino!

Gnejs Development has produce a game on behalf of Spelmakarna and we are proud to release it to all of you! The game is a family friendly puzzle game suitable for all ages, please try it out, it is free! iOS: Android: Thanks

Overwatch Companion Now on iOS

Hi, the Overwatch Companion is now available on iOS.