Borderlands Pre-Sequel Updated

The Borderlands Pre-Sequel App has been updated with the latest skill tree for Aurelia.
Amazaon and Google Play versions are live and iOS is pending approval from Apple.

Get to planning today! 🙂


    • samsengir on 2015/02/04 at 06:15
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    Nice app. Very handy. 🙂
    Is there any possibility of adding a notes section to each character so we can make a note of head/skin and equipment used on that character?
    Ideally a table with specific fields to fill in and a drop down menu like the Gear Calculator for Borderlands would be a dream but possibly too unwieldy and difficult to implement so just a freehand note page would suffice.
    Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Thanks, seems like a bit of a strange request. Not sure that many people would use that kind of feature, but I’ll add a note for it and look into it for the next update anyways, thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • samsengir on 2015/02/04 at 22:58
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    Strange? Perhaps. 😉
    Rather than having one character and changing their skills as I play I have separate characters with their own builds and equipment requirements.
    For instance I have 3 Aurelias on the go. One of which will end up with snipers, one with shotguns and the last with smgs. All will be using different shields etc etc to each other specifically for that build.
    Thanks for looking into it. 🙂

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