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Divinity: Original Sin App

Our latest App is for Divinity: Original Sin and it covers all the aspects of crafting in the game, featuring all recipes and ingredients.
The App also allows the user to select which ingredients that is currently obtained and can then let the App calculate which recipes are doable based on the selection.
On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gnejs-Development-Divinity-Crafting/dp/B00O6565XQ/ref=sr_1_12?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1413754992&sr=1-12
For the iOS version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divinity-crafting/id926831021?ls=1&mt=8


Apps now on Amazon App Store!

Greeting, most of our Apps are now available on the Amazon App Store for those with Kindle Fire devices or those who use the Amazon store with their regular Android devices!

Skyrim Crafter: Here
Borderlands 2 Skill Tree: Here
Payday 2 Companion: Here
SWTOR Companion Helper: Here
SWTOR Datacron Helper: Here
Game Dev Tycoon Guide: Here
XCom Enemy Unknown Helper: Here

Payday 2 Companion now on iOS!

Hey guys, the Payday 2 Companion App just got approved for iOS and is now available on iTunes!


Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend full of heists!;)

New App: Payday 2 Companion!

Hey, we just released a Companion App for Payday 2, which works as a guide/help for the game, packed with awesome information you can live without!

Android version is out now: Download Here

The iOS version will be available as soon as it gets approved by Apple!

Application Page@ Gnejs.org

Happy heisting!;)

Several Apps Updated

There has been several updated Apps during the weekend. Most Apps have gotten their Ads replaced to avoid false positives. Some new features have been added and some minor bug have been fixed as well.

Master Soundboard: Replaced Ads, new packs, some updates to the UI and bugfixes.
Borderlands 2 Skill Tree: Replaced Ads, Increased level cap for upcoming DLC.
SWTOR Datacron and Companion: Replaced Ads.
GameDev Tycoon Guide: Replaced Ads.

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