This section covers Frequently Asked Questions, click on the questions below for information.

General - FAQ

What does your version numbers mean?

The pattern for the version number used is X.Y.Z.[CX].

  • X is the Major version which usually means major changes to the App, like extensive features or large behind the scenes refactoring.
  • Y is the Minor version used for lesser features and/or improvements.
  • Z is used for bug fixes and trivial changes, like interface tweaks, small content adds and what not.

Privacy Policy

Gnejs Development Privacy Policy

By using our Apps, you agree to the collection and use of personal and non-personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. We may amend the Privacy Policy from time to time, and encourages you to consult the Privacy Policy regularly for changes.

Information Collected

When you install any of our Apps we may collect and information about your usage of the Application.

Personal Information

“Personal information” means information about you that can be used to identify you or your device.
The only personal information we collect and/or use at this time is:
(1)  Your mobile device’s unique identifier (UDID);

Non-Personal Information

“Non-personal information” is information that, when taken alone, cannot be used to identify or contact you.
This kind of information may include:
(1) Actions taken within the Application.
(2) Device hardware information.

Use of the Information

We use the information collected to generate usage statistics during the Application use, we do not share this information with any other party, it is strictly used internally.

Feedback - FAQ

I have an idea that is really great, what to do?

It is always fun to know what people are thinking, if you think your idea is worth sharing send us an email describing it.

The idea could be another application, soundboard or just a small feature to an existing application.
The chances that an entire application is developed from scratch is rather slim unless the application is very simple, but features that seem useful for existing applications are more than welcome!

Your app is broken, it crashes/freezes!!

If you are having trouble with the application please send an email and try to explain as much as possible so that we might be able to solve it!

Some crash reports are sent via Googles services and some errors are handled by our internal error handler which will compose a error report if you accept the popup asking you to send the error report.


Market Problems - FAQ

Unable to install App from Market

If you are unable to install the application from the Android Market then the problem is most likely with Android Market or the device you are trying to install to.

Some problems may be resolve by rebooting the phone and trying again.

Sometimes there is a temporary problem with the market, trying again after some time can many times resolve the issue.

If you get an error similar to “could not be loaded on USB or SD card” then it is probably due to incorrect/corrupted temporary files from the Market.
A possible solution for this to first unmount your SD Card and then attempt to download the App from the market again while the SD Card is still unmounted, after it succeeds remount the SD Card.


  1. Hawk says:

    Why do you not allow direct downloading of your apps?

    This was not on your FAQ page.

    1. gnejs says:

      As in providing an APK link on the webpage and not going through the market?

  2. wholeo says:

    I get too many of them to know who is sending them. I can understand the theory behind the push ads. But I find it extremely in poor taste the constant barrage of adult-oriented ads such as all the singles dating ads that started showing up. There ought to be a way to at least specify what ads you dont want.
    respectfully yours,
    doug jacobson

    1. gnejs says:

      Hey, if it is from my Apps then it should only be 1 a day, and that’s per device and not per App so you should never get more than 1 even though you might have several Apps. If you have Apps from other developers that uses the same service/ad-network then their settings could differ and have a shorter interval. My tip for you is to opt out if you don’t want any Ads at all which is the most simple way. Check the “How do I disable Ads in the notifications bar?” section in the FAQ for more info, if you have any other question just send an e-mail!:)

  3. Holland says:


    Why does the pro battlefield 3 Soundboard have different and less things to acces
    then the free version?

    1. gnejs says:

      Hi, exactly how do the differ? I just had a look and they contain the exact same sounds here at least. Please send us an e-mail with regards to this and elaborate exactly what you mean.
      If you are referring to Permissions then of course Pro has less since it does not have any Ads, it does not require any of the permissions only used by Ads.
      All permission and their uses is described in every App Description.

  4. Kadosh says:

    This not showing the popular builds. Is it a bug?

    1. gnejs says:

      The popular builds are from HotsLogs.com so if there are no builds available on the site they won’t show in the App. The site data is usually reset after patches and it might take a day or a few before you get the builds again depending on how popular the hero is.
      You can always check Hotslogs.com for the same hero, if there are builds there and no builds in the App, then yes there might be a bug :)
      I am gonna update the message to avoid the confusion in the next update.

      1. Kadosh says:

        Ok! Ty :)

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