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Gnejs Development is creating applications for Android. Focusing on game related Apps.

Skyrim Crafter

Skyrim Crafter is the best tool to get help with your Alchemy and Smithing while playing Skyrim. We noticed there was an ‘Alchemy helper’ app on the market, but it was lacking data and was trying to force people to pay for the information after a while. We decided to create this app for all …

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SWTOR Companion Helper

This application provides the user with all the information you could ever want about your companions and their skills, weapon, stats, roles and gifts for the latest BioWare game; Star Wars: The Old Republic. On Amazon:

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SWTOR Datacron Helper

This application guides the user with information about the Datacrons that exists in the game. The app also allows the user to track the Datacron collecting progress. This App will help your character to be granted you all those permanent bonuses in the latest BioWare game; Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). On Amazon:

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SWTOR Legacy Helper

This helper application provides assistance with the Legacy system in SWTOR.

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