Nikolai Soundboard hitting the market today

By request, here is a Nikolai Soundboard for all the Call of Duty Zombies fans out there, enjoy!
Also updated the Call of Duty Zombies Soundboard Pro with better quality sounds from Nikolai.

App page@Gnejs.org
Android Link


  1. M M says:

    Hi,,i recently purchase the nikolai soundboard an its missing 2 of my favorite character drunken words,,(i will cokk you gently) also(this will hurt like siphilis) PLEASE can you add those in the nikolai soundboard,,Thanks

    1. gnejs says:

      Hi, thanks for the support, do you remember which of the maps this is from?

      1. M M says:

        Hi,one is from kino when he gets the weapon m14 or sniper,,an the other one is from der reese i believe when he gets the thompson ,,Thanks You

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