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Puzzle Game Release: Labyrino!

Gnejs Development has produce a game on behalf of Spelmakarna and we are proud to release it to all of you! The game is a family friendly puzzle game suitable for all ages, please try it out, it is free! iOS: Android: Thanks

Overwatch Companion Now on iOS

Hi, the Overwatch Companion is now available on iOS.

Overwatch App

Hey, apart from updating the HotS Companion App, there is now an Overwatch Companion App. It doesn’t have all the features yet but you can still give it a try. Don’t hesitate to provide feedback or ask for features. Have a great one, cheers!

Heroes of the Storm App

Hey, the Heroes of the Storm App has been out for some time now and it just got updated again. If you are a HotS player make sure to check it out! Google Play Link:

First Game: Space Drift!

Gnejs Development’s first game is now live on all our supported platforms, Google Play, Amazon and iTunes! Space Drift a free to play game, for more information see the game page:

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