February 2012 archive

Update for SWTOR Datacron Helper

Hey everyone, today the SWTOR Datacron Helper got updated with some new features: First Galactic History entries were added for all datacrons so that it is possible to match between datacrons and the Galactic History entries. Youtube video walkthroughs were added to all datacrons which should help users out if they are having problem finding …

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Several Updates and Fixes last couple of days!

Hiya, the last days has meant updates for three Apps. SWTOR Companion Helper got some a new feature; Affection Calculator along with some minor fixes. SWTOR Datacron Helper had some data corrected. Skyrim Soundboard Pro had some content added. We hope the users of these app enjoy the new updates. Have a great weekend people, …

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SWTOR Datacron Helper

Having problem with finding Datacrons? This App will help and will keep track of which ones you have taken across all your characters! App page@Gnejs.org Android Link – Pro Android Link – Free